Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forgiv'n U

This is a reflection I wrote about an ex who truly showed me the meaning of having a broken heart. I never thought this would happen to me but it did and I have over and over again written about this and many other feelings he caused me to feel.
As you should be able to tell, I am an emotional writer.

Forgiv'n U
By Missy Smith

I was so angry with you
Feelings of betrayal you heaped upon me split my being in 2
I thought we were forever
At least that's what I believed since you told me this very thing
My trust, my soul, my heart was totally invested
Sharing my darkest secrets as you promised to keep me protected
How did we go from I love you to I hate you in the span of 7 years
Heh J, whatcha doing today
I remember it like yesterday
I'd call and say wanna come out and play
Smiling you'd say I'm on my way
Preparations for our nightly bliss begins
My body smelling of vanilla with a hint of cherries awaited her "King"
Our greetings of heh Mami, heh Papi followed by sweet kisses
Damn I do admit how sometimes I miss those cherry lips
Mmmmmmm just one of many things that had me whipped
The eye of the storm nearby
Remembering how you sensually made my body cry
Caressing gently my being as your fingers ran through my curly hair
Did you ever love me?
Forget I asked
Sometimes the truth is more than one can actually bear
So I’ll just pretend when u said it, u actually did mean it
Forget that you forgot my birthday, even though we share the same day
Forget that I waited even after you left
Forget that you broke my soul when you abandoned it
Forget that you promised to love me forever
See now, none of that even matter
For that was then and this is now
And I've released that pain of past from my heart of today
Yes I still smile when I remember the good times
And yes I occasionally cry asking myself why
But I have learned asking never brings the answer one truly seeks
Tragic was our break
No longer do I awake to feelings of heartache
Anger gone
Hate, a thing I couldn't convince myself to keep hanging onto
But through all our ups and downs, I hate you's, I love you's
Just wanted to say J, I truthfully forgive you

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