Wednesday, August 24, 2011


by Missy Smith
all rights reserved

When I thought I had nothing
You were there
When I doubted myself
You showed me truth
Love, strength, pride
I may not have much in worldly possessions
But I have lots in Godly love
For his love brings me through
Pulling me close into his mercy
Loving me unconditionally
See when I thought I had nothing
He showed me I have everything
When I doubted myself
He should me my truths
Guiding me
Steering my ship back onto calm seas
See I don't need what the world tries offering
The only thing I need is God's everlasting love
No battles for me to fight
No wars for me to be thrust into
Only love and more love
For I am his love
As he holds me tightly
Protecting me in his mighty shield of armor
See for when I thought I had nothing
God showed me through his love, I have everything...