Friday, October 14, 2011


This Reflection Stereotyped came about from a discussion I had with whom I thought was a friend. She proceeded to try telling me why me and my ancestors endured the plight we did while she and her ancestors were and still is regarded superior. Now I do not know if she bumped her head or felt some boldness on the particular day we had this talk but all in all it fueled this reflection. It was not intended to offend but instead to open eyes and minds of those who still has this mentality.

Reflection from Blueberry Stated of Mind, a collection of reflective truths by Missy Smith

You are not that pure as the driven white snow virgin society has labeled you
 No, I am not that seductive whore many perceive us black women as being
 Yes, I am undervalued and underappreciated
 Made to feel inferior while you were taught to be superior
 “Pure Goddesses” they call you
 “Black Tramps” is what they yell at us
 See my ancestors paid our dues long time ago, only now it seems many have forgotten
 Therefore, you attach more wages upon us to pay
 The epitome of a society bearing no morals
 From back in the day to now here in this day discrimination still running deep
 And yes, I still refuse to be anyone’s woolly haired sheep
 Know that I walk with a stride that can't be denied
No matter how hard you try I refuse to backslide
 I ride the front
Sit where I want
Talk what I feel all while displaying beautifully confident appeal
 See Mama made educating us her main priority
 Articulate strong “Black Nubian Queen” on this scene
 Refusing to be caught up in racial divisions
 Radical decisions hell-bent on weakening instead of strengthening
 Power to the people, yeah I got that memo
 See my strength lies within many factors that make up my genetic symmetry
 Ain't I a woman said Sojourner Truth?
 After all this sexist bull, I had better be!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths by Missy Smith available now.

When life throws you that unexpected curve ball and secrets and lies collide, how do you allow your soul to heal?
Abuse, Hate, Love, Inspiration.

Nights of pain, Days of joy.

Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths takes readers on an emotional journey as Author Missy Smith finally overcomes her years of being abused mentally and physically. Embracing inner demons setting them free, Missy no longer sits daydreaming of what could have been. She now stands tall smiling about what is now to come.

Reflection from Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths.

By Missy Smith

I survived
Emerging Victorious
A long way from home I had to travel
But I finally made it
No more am I suffering in silence
No longer are you keeping me shamed
No longer am I your victim
Finally, I am free!
This and many more of my various "Reflections" on Life can be found at:
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The Papi Affect

Snippet from book 2 (being written now)

He was tall, well past 6feet with eyes that told stories both good and bad. MMMM his arms damn they supported me in ways never have I experienced. He was a dream. He was my papi. Didn't feel right calling him daddy, hell I had one of those but he made me feel safe and secure so Papi was the next best thing to call him.

This man was fire and you know what they say about fire. Play with it at your own risk but be prepared because at some point you may become burned. Who knew 7 years later these very words would become my truths. But I couldn't help myself. He was that indulgence of pure decadence. That second piece of chocolate cake, that extra sugar in already overly sugared tea. A true treat filled with mixtures of trickery. And yet still I saw the signs and refused their offerings of truth. For I was in love. In love with a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.



By Missy Smith

The day

The day was Wednesday, sort of like today only without the bullshit from that Wednesday before

See love left her door long ago

Only she keeps trying to keep it open, if only slightly

For another has caught her eye

Well, kind of

But she knows she's caught his

She sees he's intrigued

But is she?

Are the wages of her past lover's sins too much to bear or better yet

Are the damages inflicted from him of before too much to give him of now the time of day?

Is the light truly darkened from his mark he left upon her?

Pink nightshirt

curly hair

bare feet

endless thoughts

Yea it would be wouldn't it?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poetry is not dead! (POETRY)

Poetry is not dead
by Missy Smith

This was brought to my attention by someone who stated they would love to read my book but that Poetry to them is not fascinating enough or thrilling enough. It angered me to no end. I began to realize that many feel Poetry is not urban or street enough for them. Many do not realize that Poetry is the expression of ones soul and that it takes the form of the one delivering it. Everything does not have to be urban/street to make it a bonafide hit in the media world. Poetry again is from the heart. Truths told in daring and creative ways. Poetry of today is sensual, daring, scintillating, free, reflective, expressive, bold. So no, Poetry is not dead!

Poetry is not dead
Nor is it sleeping
It is however being placed on back burners
Pushed aside for more urbanized (writings)
Because my words speak truths so paramount
You discredit my freeness of mouth,
As I ink these truths,
Layering my pages full of raw emotions
No, Poetry is not dead
Nor is it sleeping
It is however being placed on back burners
Pushed aside for more urbanized (writings)
Books that promote stories in which we do too
Only we tell ours in Poetic tones
So who are you to say our stories do not belong?
Who are you to brush our creativeness aside?
Who the hell are you to tell me Poetry is not worth it?
We are Reflectionists, Expressionists and Poets who are creative beyond belief
Who weave intricateness as no other
Depicting "Life’s" truths in ways that others can relate too
So do not tell me Poetry is dead
It is thriving like never before
Showcasing its brilliance throughout the minds of its deliverers
Ones who are chosen to deliver truths in this very form

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