Saturday, November 12, 2011


Happy Saturday everyone. So upon waking this morning I sat on the edge of my bed. Something I do every morning and I had my eyes closed. (This helps with my thinking process lol) and I envisioned myself in a time way before our time of now and these words sprang forth and I decided to share them with everyone on my blog today.

Desire (Time of Past)

Feelings of desire deep inside my soul
Causes trembling at the very thought of you
Passions traveling with urgency
Up anxious thighs
Mmmmmmmm touch me
Do you feel the heat that’s risin'?
The love,
The fire,
Smells of my womanly scent filling the air
School girl like and I do like (it)
Do you know the emotions you've set forth onto me?
Forceful cries begging for touches (yours)
Even if it's just the slightest of them
Subduer of pain that once plagued me,
Replacing it with feelings of undeniable fervor
Unexplainable lust
Pure love
Immaculate lover
Constant hungering for thy King's fervid wrath
Laden with unadulterated ecstasy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Hurts

Never should abuse be tolerated. It's time we took a stand against abuse of any kind. Here is my story....

The confusion

The misusing

Of my trusting soul

Abusing my being

Ripping me apart

No longer whole

Now thrust into this hole


Darkness deep

He hit me

A slap was the beginning

Nearly killing me was our ending

Tears falling because I still love you

Believing when you said you only do this to show love


I want to be normal

Don't want these scars

Don't want the lies I have to tell

Breakaway, faraway please away from me stay

Didn't know this would be my life

Never knew I'd be too afraid to fight (back)

Broken wings

Had me believing I was nothing

Suppressed my ability to just up and leave

And so I stayed



Told the lies

Kept quiet

Dinner on time

Clothes washed and neatly pressed

Laid still as you took me night after night

Until that night it almost became permanent

The punches

The kicking

The spitting

The I hate you's

As I lay silent on the floor gasping for air

Finally realizing I do not want to be here

Eyes closing

Spirit leaving

I'm almost there

Almost free




The light I so clearly saw

Became dark once more

As I heard them say we have a pulse.....