Friday, September 23, 2011

Against the grain

I actually dreamt last nite that I was reciting this reflection to a room full of people seeking direction. It was so fascinating to see myself in that element even if it was only a dream. But dreams are the portals to truth and so I believe this dream was the calling of my destiny.

Against the grain
By Missy Smith
All rights reserved

Against the grain
... we take laws into our own hands
killing others for reasons of none
self protection understood
craziness not so
falling for the trap of long ago
when being men and women meant nothing
now hundreds of years later it stands for everything
and yet you allow yourself to fall for anything
destruction of self
abandonment of morals
disillusioned adding confusion
of who and what you truly are
instead of standing strong, fighting this
you choose once again to be puppets
following instead of leading
as tears fall and hearts continue bleeding
I scream wakeeeeeeeeeeeee uppppppppppp
please people, wake up.