Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do you truly know who you are surrounded by?

Do you truly know who you are surrounded by?

In today's society many assume they know with whom they are surrounded by.

But do they really?

There are many who pretend to wish you well, many who will actually celebrate your success having you believe they are indeed happy for you. The reality is they truly are not!

I found out the hard way that those who I had surrounded myself with, only half were truly happy for me while the other half were jealous and vindictive. They would smile in my face, while downing me behind my back.

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During this time many who I thought were well wishers were actually jealous haters.

Yes HATERS!!!!!.

I began getting emails from those I once considered friends who asked, So I guess you think you are all that now? I guess you think you are better than us now? So I guess you will forget all about us little people now?

I laughed it off but then it began to become an everyday thing and it caused me to address these individuals and that is when I found out I was not surrounded by the right people.

I had to truly recognize and realize that some of whom I had surrounded myself around were in fact those I should have never given the time of day.

In the grand scheme of things there are many of you today asking yourself this very question. Am I surrounded by the right people?

Ask yourself these important questions as it will lead to finding out truthfully are you surrounded by those who you are meant to be surrounded by.

(1) When speaking on your blessings and achievements does the individual (s) you are speaking with seem genuinely happy or do they find some way to interject doubt?

(2) Do you notice distance from those you were once close too when blessings abound bestow you?

(3) Do your friends only interact with you when "They" are feeling down?

(4) Do your friends desert you when "You're down?"

(5) Are you the up lifter of the group?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions then you are not surrounded by the right type of people.

Now I know there are some who are up lifters within their group but ask yourself do others go out their way to uplift you.

An example of realizing if you are surrounded by the right people is if you are constantly feeling as if you are being taken advantage of then "NO" you are not surrounded by the right ones.

If the following statements below rings truth for you then "Yes" you are most definitely surrounded by those who you are meant to be surrounded by.

My friends and I always celebrate each others accomplishments.

My friends and I wish each other well at all times.

My friends and I uplift and inspire each other everyday.

My friends and I love each other through the good and bad.

I have been blessed to come across some amazing people that I can truly call my friends and I have come across those who I simply deem acquaintances. Each knows their roles. It took a long time for me to understand because I am a trusting and yes at times naive woman who loves seeing the good in everyone and yes in a perfect world there would only be good people. But, we do not live in such a world and the reality is evil lurks through even the best of us but do we have to continue having such a thing invade our beings?

At the end of the day I value friendships and I enjoy celebrating my friends’ joys as well as uplifting them when their spirits become low.

And finally I have those around who I am truly meant to be surrounded by.

I thank you all for taking the time to read and I welcome all comments.

Stay tuned for Does your family truly support your dreams?

Creative Luv, Missy