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November 27, 2011

Sometimes the truth may not be what we wish to see but it is what we "need" to hear. Author Reflectionist Missy Smith

November 12,2011
First off I am thanking God for allowing me to see such a beautiful day today. I come to this section of Daily Thoughts because I like to have this as my inspirational corner so to speak. So today I wanted to touch on the subject Owning who you truly are.

Many of us today skirt around "Owning who we truly are". We pretend to be things that are so far from the truth until when you finally realize you are not in fact these things then it breaks you emotionally. From the beginning we are equipped with knowledge and truths that's needed to propel us further. Now some of us are too stubborn in ways to even realize who you truly are so you try owning what someone else is. Taking on false identities in order to satisfy self. But does that really satisfy you? No!

 In the long run you will come face to face with some of life's most difficult questions and you better know how to answer them. Owning who you truly are is a metaphor I for years have been telling people to do. Own who you truly are. What ever you are 'Own it'! If you do not like who you are owning then change it. Do not keep pretending to be something or someone you truly are not.

I am Owning being a Survivor. Why you ask? Because that is who I am and will continue to be. I was abused from the age of 6-12 and I will admit for years after I owned being a victim. But no more. I am not a victim nor will I ever be. I am a SURVIVOR and a Winner. My path during my younger years was horrific but I finally realized that I could change my course all with prayer and yes owning who I truly was. So I began writing and upon reading my emotional truths I realized it was time for me to take Ownership of Me and that is what I did. When I was 18 I told my horrors and some believed and some did not but that was OK because that I decided would not break me. Instead I became stronger and wiser and I kept my head held high knowing that the person I am no man (wo) would ever again make feel damaged. Yes I owned who I truly was.

No matter what one does to try breaking you, know that it is not who you are. You are better than that and once you "Own who you truly are" then the little things will roll completely off your back.

Remember Own who you truly are and the beauty which is you will forever shine.... Luv, Missy

July 28,2011

Life is full of surprises and and serendipity. Being open to unexpected turns in the road is an important part of success. If you try to plan every step, you may miss those wonderful twists and turns. Just find your next adventure-do it well, enjoy it-and then, not now, think about what comes next. by Condoleeza Rice

I find this quote very inspirational from C. Rice.
At times when I am at odds with myself, I often read this quote as it reminds me that yes life is full of surprises and unexpected turns and that while here we must find the balance and joy in life. Life, each day more adventurous than the next brings that chaotic and yet calming affect of thinking OK now what's next? What can I do to make tomorrow more exciting than yesterday, more promising than today.

July 24,2011
So today I awoke with the mercy of my heavenly father shining his energy deep within my soul. It was for this mercy that I am allowed to see another day and make the best of opportunities. Ready to take the world by storm, I first turn on the TV and an interesting ministry program appeared. I won't name the program but it was a husband and wife ministry and they were nicely dressed, jewels dripping which I knew were of an expensive nature and abundantly preaching God's word. I noticed the flock (the pastor's term used) and none were nicely dressed as the pastor. The church was huge and gorgeous. And then they began speaking on the reasoning's of tiding and I thought wow. And knowing how my mind often goes on overdrive it got me to thinking. Is this truly necessary? I understand it takes a lot to run a ministry but does that include private jets, trips to exotic countries, the most expensive of suits, homes that can house your whole congregation.

What does any of this have to do with preaching the word of God? It seems to me it is more about lining your pockets with using God as the front. Now I know I am not one to judge but it just seems strange to me. A lot of Churches today have so many tides until you often come away from church broke and scratching your head. I as a child remember visiting with my Grandmother at her church and there were 3 baskets being passed around. Now my Granny was not a rich woman by any means but she would save from various monies she had to use towards bills and food to make sure she tided on Sunday.

Churches today do take a mighty big hit with using tidings for selfish reasons and now with so much sexual abuse running rampant in churches, one must come to realize that their are a lot of false prophets using God's name for their own financial gain and to gain trust amongst those wishing to truly serve God in order to use that power to entice and seduce the flock in ways God never intended. How does one even begin to take the head of a pulpit knowing they are engaging in dangerous and reckless behavior and then to make matters worse, preach about these very dangerous behaviors. Are they saying it's OK for them (Pastors and Preachers and Ministers) to engage in this sickness because they are men of God. In all honesty why does one even have a flock following them when it becomes abundantly clear that this behavior is indeed a true behavior being engaged in? If you are purposely following this "Teacher of God" the what is that saying about you?

The devil is busy and he is using even God's people against him. But if you are truly a worker of God then you know the consequences of this very deed. Yes we are all human, sinners and our flesh is weak but I do not wish to have a supposed "Teacher of God's word" in my ear telling me to refrain from the sins of the world when he himself cannot even abide by this. In the end, God yes will deal with each accordingly but I hope that before that time congregations who are naively following these false prophets open their eyes and realize that you are there (in the ministry) to learn about God, not to become financially in debt. Yes God does bring one out of the depths of despair no matter what the situation. But also one must remember the old adage: Don't be no fool! You Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, whatever you call yourselves I hope you are truly at the pulpit for the right reasons and not misuse trust for perverted reasons and to gain financial freedoms at the expense of your flock.

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