Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Me, Reflection being featured in OW NEWS SEPT issue.

Hello everyone, well I am doing good today. Found out I will be one of the featured Poets in OW NEWS. I am very happy about this. I am being recognized for my reflections and I wish to give a huge shout out to Huniie the Expressionist (Hang Out 4 Artists) for singing my praises and to Oneal Walters, and his OW News. I am including my Reflection selected for the OW NEWS. Thanks and Creative Luv, Missy

Color Me

by Missy Smith

I am a shade of brown

rich and exquisite

though at times depending upon the seasons, I like them change

summer time at times brings a darker shade

though make no mistake my beauty still resonates exquisiteness

texturally magnificent

with a hint of fabulousness

ok, its more than a hint

but I am not one to brag

however, I shall

beautiful queen

smile lighting up rooms

spiritually uplifting spirits

Th e color of me is much more than one can truly know

Yes I am a shade of brown

but my spirit is the color of free

soaring through clouds

destination beyond

the edge of known reality

making my own reality

sprouting poetic truths like that of tree roots

deeply rooted, for you cannot uproot me

see I am here to stay

until the last of my breath my Father decides shall be no more

until my pen becomes inkless

and my pages become blank

and my mind no longer creatively reflecting

but until then I shall remain

a poetically fl owing bewitching shade of brown

Missy Smith
Born in Washington DC,
it has always been Missy’s
dream to have her words
read by all. In the midst
of her thirties she knew
it was time to fulfill that
dream and thus became
the birth of Blueberry
State of Mind a collection
of reflective truths.

Missy Smith was chosen
as one of the most talented
poets by Hang Out 4 Artists.