Friday, September 9, 2011

Author and Reflectionist Missy Smith

Just who is Missy Smith?

What have I done?

What do I wish to accomplish?

That one is easy. I wish to accomplish a way to help others overcome the stigma of abuse whether it's through relationship abuse or sexual abuse. Today the statistics are overwhelming with this trend of every second someone is abused. No matter what form abuse takes, it is still abuse. No one deserves to be belittled, inappropriately touched or demeaned period!

I know this feeling all to well. I was forced to endure each of these things at an early age. (6) and that caused me to be thrust into a world I knew nothing of. It also forced my mind to find a way to combat this and so I began to write. Any and every thought gracing my mind graced the pages of my journal. I was a wounded soul walking amongst the living. No one knew my pain except me and my abusers. Ashamed I kept it secret. No one will ever know my true pain except those who have walked in shoes similiar to mine.

That is why I am dedicating my life to helping others who need to heal thru my "Healing thru Writing" program. This is a program, no this is a way of life that I want to encourage many to live. There are no more reasons for us (abused) to feel ashamed, empty or forgotten. We no longer have to keep our feelings inside. The time is now for us to speak up and out, banning together to fight this fight many are still too afraid to.

I recently published a book titled "Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths" by Missy Smith and in the book I display a lot of writings from my times of abuse. One reflection I placed in the book I am displaying now so that others can see it is ok to begin healing. I SURVIVED and so can you.


I survived

Emerging Victorious

A long way from home I had to travel

But I finally made it

No more am I suffering in silence

No longer are you keeping me shamed

No longer am I your victim

Finally, I am free!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Late night thoughts

So it is 3:35am and I find myself sitting on the edge of my bed reflecting. Yes this is a normal occurrence with me but this day here is different. I let my mind wonder back into times when I was at my lowest of points. Yes we all have these moments when it seems everything is going good and then boom, the past sneaks in with intentions of stealing your joy. Not this time though. This is one of those situations when I am asking myself "you cannot be serious". A lot of things have happened to me over my 30 odd years hear on this earth and I can honestly say that my years have definitely been odd. I am like a puzzle whose pieces are meant to go into their places but for some reason they just don't so then you have to force them into that place or leave them out altogether. I know I know some will not get it but it is who I am. I am a complex woman. Wow did I just really say what my mom has said about me for all these years lol. Yep guess I did. But it is true nonetheless.

I am very complex. I am an intricate, delicate, sensitive, giving, shy individual who just sits back and watches. I have learned that life will never treat you in the manner you wish therefore you have to make life treat you as such. There are no limits to what you can achieve. I plan on reaching beyond the skies flying higher than any that for me is breath taking. So before retiring for a few hours of sleep, I wanted to leave you all with a reflection that I wrote in my newly published book Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths titled "Strength". I always read this reflection day and night because it gives me such a boost and much needed inspiration. So enjoy everyone and until my next post, Creative Luv, Missy.


There comes a time when one must stand and be counted.

Never is there reason to allow yourself to become beaten to the point of no return.

The road to “Strength” is paved with truth and wisdom's. Yet, many fail to see the value in this way of thinking. So many times we settle for less than what we truly believe we are worth.

Many will keep you down in order for themselves to rise up. Saying simply to self you are someone is not enough. You must do more than say it, you must also prove it. Not just to others, but to yourself that you are actually that someone who not only matters, but who also counts!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello everyone, hope your having a safe and blessed as well as relaxing Labor Day. Me, well I am still recovering from surgery. Its coming along but I have to remember to take it slow. I am sitting here as my pen beckons me and decided to write this little reflection about "Life". I share this with you all to give you some inspiration and to know that "Life" is what we make it and while we are still here let's live it to the fullest. Enjoy and do not forget to leave your comments and subscribe to my blog. This page will be filled with "Life and everything in between".

by Missy Smith
all rights reserved.

Life is about progression, not standing in the same place but rather moving forward refusing to be stagnant.

Life is about living and not settling. There is always something newer and better that will enhance you greatly.

Life is about taking risks. The right risks, for without risks comes no reward.

Life is about overcoming your past. We all have a past that at times may have unsettled our core, but we must remember to never let our past define us but rather we must allow our future to mold us into the “Kings and Queens” that we are.

Life has thrown me a curve ball, wreaked havoc upon my soul. Life caused me to travel roads I knew nothing of. Paths I unfortunately became stuck on.

Life caused me to almost lose mine. I felt so abandoned due to the abuse endured until I let it overtake me. Not knowing which direction to turn, never trusting that I would eventually be OK left me in self inflicted darkness. But out of the ashes of my past arose this phoenix of my future. A stronger, braver, wiser, self assured woman who knows that yes "life" may at times throw you lemons, but instead of  standing there being pelted by them, you merely grab as many as possible and make a nice tall refreshing glass of lemonade.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally figured it out.

See I never knew how to love

Couldn’t figure that sh#t out

No matter how much I screamed and tried

I just couldn't figure it out

So many came

Too many went

Only staying for a minute

But to me, it seemed like eternity

See I never knew how to love

Stemmed from my childhood

Carried over to adult hood

Nothing ever seemingly going good

I would fall too quickly

Then when he'd leave I’d be so empty

Begging God on fallen knees please forgive me

Never thought this storm I’d be able to weather

Didn’t think it or I would ever get it together

But I did

Took a lot of time to figure out this

But I did

I did

I am beautiful

I am strong

Creatively Chaotic

Worth more than I originally gave myself credit for

No longer sitting

I stand singing

Caressing this new found woman which is me

Love, I now know how.