Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally figured it out.

See I never knew how to love

Couldn’t figure that sh#t out

No matter how much I screamed and tried

I just couldn't figure it out

So many came

Too many went

Only staying for a minute

But to me, it seemed like eternity

See I never knew how to love

Stemmed from my childhood

Carried over to adult hood

Nothing ever seemingly going good

I would fall too quickly

Then when he'd leave I’d be so empty

Begging God on fallen knees please forgive me

Never thought this storm I’d be able to weather

Didn’t think it or I would ever get it together

But I did

Took a lot of time to figure out this

But I did

I did

I am beautiful

I am strong

Creatively Chaotic

Worth more than I originally gave myself credit for

No longer sitting

I stand singing

Caressing this new found woman which is me

Love, I now know how.


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