Friday, September 9, 2011

Author and Reflectionist Missy Smith

Just who is Missy Smith?

What have I done?

What do I wish to accomplish?

That one is easy. I wish to accomplish a way to help others overcome the stigma of abuse whether it's through relationship abuse or sexual abuse. Today the statistics are overwhelming with this trend of every second someone is abused. No matter what form abuse takes, it is still abuse. No one deserves to be belittled, inappropriately touched or demeaned period!

I know this feeling all to well. I was forced to endure each of these things at an early age. (6) and that caused me to be thrust into a world I knew nothing of. It also forced my mind to find a way to combat this and so I began to write. Any and every thought gracing my mind graced the pages of my journal. I was a wounded soul walking amongst the living. No one knew my pain except me and my abusers. Ashamed I kept it secret. No one will ever know my true pain except those who have walked in shoes similiar to mine.

That is why I am dedicating my life to helping others who need to heal thru my "Healing thru Writing" program. This is a program, no this is a way of life that I want to encourage many to live. There are no more reasons for us (abused) to feel ashamed, empty or forgotten. We no longer have to keep our feelings inside. The time is now for us to speak up and out, banning together to fight this fight many are still too afraid to.

I recently published a book titled "Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths" by Missy Smith and in the book I display a lot of writings from my times of abuse. One reflection I placed in the book I am displaying now so that others can see it is ok to begin healing. I SURVIVED and so can you.


I survived

Emerging Victorious

A long way from home I had to travel

But I finally made it

No more am I suffering in silence

No longer are you keeping me shamed

No longer am I your victim

Finally, I am free!

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