Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey everyone, well it's been a minute since I have posted. And yes it was on purpose. I just had to regather my thoughts as well as myself. It's hard sometimes to open up and just let go. But I have to remember who and what I am. I am a SURVIVOR of so many life changing things. I Survived abuse both physically and mentally. I survived failed relationships. I survived being told I would never be good enough. Yes I SURVIVED. So many people are thrust into darkness and never allow themselves to see once again the light. But it took me a while to remember that I am a fighter. Never will I allow anyone to place their bullshit upon my spirit. There are many people out here who are miserable and love nothing more than to make you miserable. I fell back into that trap for a moment. I did not value me. I allowed others thoughts concerning me to become my way of thinking as well. I felt because someone didn't love me then I must not love myself either. So I returned back to patterns of letting myself become abused. I thought well that was the way I am supposed to be. My life became dark again and it took God given strength to pull myself up out of that blackness. I have got to show the strength that was bestowed upon me so yes there will be times when the past will try grabbing hold of me but I have to remember I AM A SURVIVOR and that trumps all...!

ps. do not forget to get Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths, Missy Smith
This book is not what you think it is is. It's better.

Creative Luv to all my sisters and brothers in the ink.
The Remembrance of Missy

I keep forgetting I am strong

I kept forgetting I “SURVIVED”

I keep forgetting things have changed

I kept forgetting why I am who I am

I keep forgetting silence is not the best policy

I kept forgetting I am loved by all the right people

I keep forgetting to move forward

I kept forgetting I believe

I keep forgetting to leave the past the past

I kept forgetting why I walked away in the first place

I keep forgetting you have yet to change

I kept forgetting you do not define me

I keep forgetting I can love

I kept forgetting I am lovable

I keep forgetting I am not fragile

I kept forgetting weakness has no place nor say

I keep forgetting no one has the power to disrupt my spirit

I kept forgetting we are better apart

I keep forgetting to stop wishing (for your return)

I kept forgetting time does heal all wounds

I keep forgetting that I do know happy

And my soul is now for that very reason soaring......

For’ now I know the remembrance of "Missy"