Friday, October 14, 2011


This Reflection Stereotyped came about from a discussion I had with whom I thought was a friend. She proceeded to try telling me why me and my ancestors endured the plight we did while she and her ancestors were and still is regarded superior. Now I do not know if she bumped her head or felt some boldness on the particular day we had this talk but all in all it fueled this reflection. It was not intended to offend but instead to open eyes and minds of those who still has this mentality.

Reflection from Blueberry Stated of Mind, a collection of reflective truths by Missy Smith

You are not that pure as the driven white snow virgin society has labeled you
 No, I am not that seductive whore many perceive us black women as being
 Yes, I am undervalued and underappreciated
 Made to feel inferior while you were taught to be superior
 “Pure Goddesses” they call you
 “Black Tramps” is what they yell at us
 See my ancestors paid our dues long time ago, only now it seems many have forgotten
 Therefore, you attach more wages upon us to pay
 The epitome of a society bearing no morals
 From back in the day to now here in this day discrimination still running deep
 And yes, I still refuse to be anyone’s woolly haired sheep
 Know that I walk with a stride that can't be denied
No matter how hard you try I refuse to backslide
 I ride the front
Sit where I want
Talk what I feel all while displaying beautifully confident appeal
 See Mama made educating us her main priority
 Articulate strong “Black Nubian Queen” on this scene
 Refusing to be caught up in racial divisions
 Radical decisions hell-bent on weakening instead of strengthening
 Power to the people, yeah I got that memo
 See my strength lies within many factors that make up my genetic symmetry
 Ain't I a woman said Sojourner Truth?
 After all this sexist bull, I had better be!

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