Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Papi Affect

Snippet from book 2 (being written now)

He was tall, well past 6feet with eyes that told stories both good and bad. MMMM his arms damn they supported me in ways never have I experienced. He was a dream. He was my papi. Didn't feel right calling him daddy, hell I had one of those but he made me feel safe and secure so Papi was the next best thing to call him.

This man was fire and you know what they say about fire. Play with it at your own risk but be prepared because at some point you may become burned. Who knew 7 years later these very words would become my truths. But I couldn't help myself. He was that indulgence of pure decadence. That second piece of chocolate cake, that extra sugar in already overly sugared tea. A true treat filled with mixtures of trickery. And yet still I saw the signs and refused their offerings of truth. For I was in love. In love with a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

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