Monday, July 18, 2011



By Missy Smith

Hell, right here on earth

But you won’t know it for I smile brighter than any rays the sun could ever produce

My gift and yet my curse

Never one to complain, that is to the world

But to me I do all too often

Just wish this sh#t inside my head quits buzzing

I know I am ok

Just have to start believing it

Here I am a Mother, Author, Poet, and Dreamer

And still I find fault in every one of those facets

I guess I am so use to things being far from perfect

Until when happiness occurs I look for excuses to down her

Complicated life of past

Equals me complicating my life of now

Damn it Missy Stoppppppppp

Stop self imploding

Stop self doubting

Stop entertaining negativity

Start remembering your speeches to others

Empowering not just them but you

Take them horrors of then

And kick their asses now

The voices, yes the voices tell them to take a freaking hike

Remember you are a Queen

A Survivor

Yes U are a motherf#cking factor

Your wounds of old are all healed now

Your past is past

Your future is blazing

For you are walking a path of amazing

Backwards thoughts are now forward thinking’s



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