Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I want tonight....

When love wishes to grab hold, never letting go.
When the hands of time chooses to keep you trapped.
When misery loves your company.
When your heart simply does not know how to let go.

You have to take a stand, fight through the tears, fears and aloneness to take back the most important thing ever. YOU!

Author Reflectionist Missy Smith

I want tonight

To be the night

That you,

Don’t say you want to kiss me when you really don’t

Don’t say you want to hold me when you really wont

Don’t say you love me when you know you don’t

Don’t say it feels so right when it’s really wrong

Don’t say forever when it’s actually today

Don’t play don’t play

Please, don’t play

Don’t take my heart for it’s not for sale

Give me forever only if you can

Give me tomorrow after tomorrow after tomorrow

Love's bleeding pleas of sorrow

Unexpected your semi rejection

Never understood you being half in

Half out

I'm totally out

My mind

Behind this loss of time

Loss of reason

Loss of rhyme

Tortures winds


I'm dancing in the midst of pains bliss

Half in

Half out

Stuck in-between self doubt

Should I,

Should I not

Totally let go?

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