Friday, November 4, 2011

The ex affect

The ex affect

I fell in love
Crashed and burned before I could save myself
7 long brutal years of bullshit and sin
Didn't wife me, though he lied and said he would see
He fed me the lines and I memorized them time after time
Dizzy and constipated from his fake ass I love you baby
Got my system overloaded off this dumb shit here
Wide open falling with no safety net
He was that itch I wish I'd never scratched
6'3 devouring my peaches and cream
About the only thing that kept me sing-ing
Guess that's what kept my ass stay-ing
Him playing in the garden which housed my secret treasure
Optical delusions of guilty pleasures
Found myself walking in the opposite direction
Needing another direction from the mess you had me in
Torn between truth and lies
Trying to figure which hurts less
Would it be your touch I miss(ed)?
Our sneaks to the roof or your momma's basement?
Or could I live with the lies
The cheating and misleading
The my battery died in my phone(why you couldn't call)
Or the had to work late excuses
Better yet could I live with letters from your ex?
Or the I'm just there to see my son (CYA= covering your ass)
Damn am I really this dumb?
Or is it my body's just numb?
Too battered to acknowledge the pain
Too tired to continue playing this game
Secret children, marriage to another, the breaking of my heart
All during our 7 together= Reason why you're now "EX"!


  1. This is HOTTTTT!!! Good writing Reflectionist!!!

  2. In order to have room for the new, you must get rid of the this Missy!