Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life, True Story

Today, many people suffer the affects of an illness in silence. Many are too afraid to reach out for help. To be told I know what you're going through is not the best method especially if you do not truthfully know this persons plight. Cancer, Lupus, Depression, amongst other illnesses takes hold of many people's souls and at times many recover but during other times many succumb. So if you know someone who is suffering from an illness of any kind remember sympathy is not what we desire, but rather support and love is what we demand. This is dedicated to all my sisters and brothers who are struggling with an illness and need that reminder of the fight. Creative Luv, Missy.

True Story,

I stood in your sea of confusion
Questioning yet refusing the answers
I was lost
Drowning in misery only he could save me from
But, but, but
I initially did not want saving
Accepting my plight I regressed
Became depressed and
Gave up
Gave up on me, him, life,
I lost sight of the fight
The light
The light that many often spoke of I saw
And within that light I saw me courageously fighting
And roaring and soaring
To that place of found
And from that moment on I promised myself to always fight

Until the last of breath is no more.

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