Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inked Truths

Sometimes sitting in a nice warm relaxing bubble bath brings about much needed clarity. It doesn't have to be at night. I know mine wasn't. I simply found myself in this very type of clarity filled moment at 8:30 am. As usual I had my journal and pen handy as I found that the urge to just write hits me at any given moment. Here is my Inked Truth. Enjoy

 BY Missy Smith
 all rights reserved

The epitome of a dream at times becomes deferred
 Throughout one's senses comes silence
 Smells become obsolete
 Touches become non existent
 And the thrill of living becomes at times muted
 Betty Crocker never lived at my house so breakfast lunch and dinner was whatever that day the pantry had
 Sunday was the only day “True Cooking” took place
 Family gathering
Laughing, rejoicing
 But that was then and this is now
 30 odd years later and I wonder
 When did dysfunctionality become a part of me?
 Coerced into confusion
 Disillusioned by man's intrusions
 Into my private sanctuary
 Scurrying like scared rabbits
 Back into holes of dark
 Peeking out trying to catch breaks of day
 And I in the midst of it all sit patiently
 Inking my emotional truths

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