Friday, August 5, 2011

Love says she is real

Love says she is real
By Missy Smith
Love says she is real
not to be taken for granted
for she is about pleasure
devoid of games
her name nor meaning meant not to be used in vain
bequeathing beauty
shining endless light
the commitment of 2 connected souls taking flight
Love says she is real
never once does she hurt
for if that occurrence occurs then you’re not entwined with love
you're merely encased in lust
for love is the caress of gentleness
the excitement of over imaginative minds
the smiling of spirits showing through excited eyes
hands freely exploring all while knowing what boundaries never to cross
Love says she is real
the discovery of hidden treasures
the stumbling across true gifts
the key for which unlocks waiting hearts
a kiss which sends spines shivering
Love says she is real
and from intimate first hand knowledge, she is
for I met her once or twice
beginning from the simplest of innocence
often starting with a mere hello.....

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