Friday, August 12, 2011

In a perfect world

In a perfect world, I would be 5'5 145pounds

Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfection undefined

In a perfect world I would be a Best selling Author

My book would be in the hands of many oohing and ahhing at my poetic prowess

In a perfect world I would be healthy

My body would be amazingly resilient and I would be so full of energy until

even I would tire of me

In a perfect world I would be insanely happy

In love with the most magnificent of a man

Who not only compliments me but who truly completes me

In a perfect world there would be peace

Harmony amongst the races

No backstabbing or financial displacements

In a perfect world we would be free

Free to soar above trials and tribulations

Free to just be free

But this isn't a perfect world

I am not 5'5, I am 6ft

And no I am not 145 (but still I am BEAUTIFUL)

I do not have perfect hair, its curly at times unruly

And yes my skin during stressful times betrays me

And no I have yet to reach best selling Author status

And no my book is not in the hands of thousands (but it will soon be)

And no I am not healthy, my body unfortunately battling many afflictions

Which threatens to take me at any given moment (only when God is ready)

By no means is this a perfect world as I am happy but not insanely happy

And no that magnificent man has yet to happen my way

And no peace and harmony has yet to instill themselves upon us

As we are being displaced financially losing homes and jobs and sense of self

Yes in a perfect world we would be free

But we aren’t for we are stifled by even our own limitations set purposely

upon ourselves

Trials and Tribulations a constant battle for us to fight just to make it uphill

But fight we must.

No, this isn't a perfect world

And we are far from being perfect

But we are alive and strong with the love of God shielding us

And that is perfection in itself

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