Friday, October 21, 2011

HE (personal reflection)

Heh everyone, well I always write about the pains of losing love so today I thought I would write about my joys when I "was" in love. The rush, the beauty of it all.
So enjoy

By Missy Smith
all rights reserved

He was a beautiful entity
Haunting my spirit sensually
Seducing my mental
Caressing my physical
All things craved by my being
Distance an excitable challenge
For he was hella sexy
Pouring loves rain steadily down my excited soul
Letters relaying sinful thoughts for my eyes only
Red Roof Inn Rendezvous’
4 hours long
Bodies collapsing
Pure exhaustion
Glistening in loves afterglow
Your center encased within my core
Inhaling the scent of you
Causes my intoxication
0.11 way over the legal limits
And yet,
I couldn't put you down
Had to ingest you daily
Sometimes 3, 4 times
Your Mami,
My papi
Hitting notes never knowing existed
The creation of note 13 on (loves) musical scale
Greetings of your kiss
Began my descent into pure bliss
Just the mere thought
And my spine begins tingling

That's how I knew I loved you. (back then)

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